Idea Pitching and Team Formation

It works in 3 steps:

  1. Idea Pitching
  2. Idea Voting
  3. Team Formation
Idea Pitching

Anyone who wants to pitch may line up and do so for 1 minute in the following format without any electronic visuals:

  • Your Name
  • Your Hacker Role
  • Project Name
  • Idea / Problem
  • Proposed solution
  • Roles needed
  • Project Name (again)

You will be given a big piece of paper after your pitch that visualizes your idea and aid you in team formation.

Idea Voting

Everyone has 3 votes to cast (in the form of a sticker). Top 20 ideas will proceed to team formation stage.

Team Formation

You may join ideas to form a team with two specific requirements:

  • All teams must include a diversity of roles
  • All teams must be between 3 to 5 members


Term and Conditions for participants here

Code of Conduct here