Create software and hardware solutions for the future of smart cities.

JUNCTION is a converging point for developers, designers and entrepreneurs from around the world in Helsinki, Finland.

JUNCTIONx is a local variant of Junction, bringing hackers, designers, and domain experts together for a 48-hour hackathon that is unlike any other.

JUNCTIONxKAUST 2018 focuses on Smart Cities solutions applicable to the Kingdom and the Middle East.



Day 1: Meet, Pitch, Team Up

14:00 – Check-in, networking, coffee, snacks
15:00 – Intro to challenges, opening remarks
16:00 – Presentation of ideas
17:00 – Team formation / Mentor briefing
19:00 – Teamwork begins!


Day 2: Learn, Work

08:00 – Coffee & breakfast. Development continues
09:00 – Checkpoint #1 (whole team)
10:00 – Mentors go around
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Product development
17:00 – Checkpoint #2 (team lead)
19:00 – Dinner
20:00 – Product development continues


Day 3: Showcase, Celebrate

09:00 – Coffee & breakfast. Development continues
10:00 – Checkpoint #3 (team lead)
11:00 – Product development continues
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Demo Fair setup (in Campus Library)
16:00 – Demo Fair with coffee/snacks
18:00 – Winner announcement
19:00 – Dinner & Networking!


Team size: 3 - 5 with diverse roles

Teams are formed around top ideas. See Rules tab for instructions.


project must be submitted here on Devpost to be eligible for any prizes. Concentrate on maximizing your learning while also helping others learn.

For the main prizes, we're looking for hacks that amaze us in their utilization of different technologies, have exceptional design and user experience, while also being viable in the real world. A panel of judges will choose the final winner at the Demo Fair.

No code outside of open source libraries is written before the event. You're free to ideate your project beforehand, but to be eligible for prizes, all code must be written at the event. 

Remember to include your table number in the format: [Table Number] Project Name

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Suggested Challenges

1. Lost indoors?

Have you ever had a meeting or appointment in a new place, and it was such a hassle to find the building in this weird new place that you’ve never been before? You try looking at maps, ask people around, get lost a little bit till you find the right place. Then once you find the right building, you find out that you need to now know where the meeting room is?!

The whole navigating indoors process is very time consuming and could leave you late for your appointment or meeting. 

What we’ll bring

We will provide blueprints and wireless heat map for the KAUST Entrepreneurship Center

Problems of interest

There have been many different methods of solving the indoor navigation problem, like digital maps in buildings or reception desks. But these methods are either very costly or inefficient. So, we ask you, dear hacker, to find a new solution to this dilemma. A solution that is innovative, cost-effective and fast. For example: using AR navigation, Bluetooth beacons,…

2. Changing Bad Habits!

Littering is bad. Very bad. Not only does it directly ruin the environment around you, but it also does not reflect a decent civilized culture. Most times, littering happens because the person is irresponsible. Or maybe there wasn’t a close enough trash bin to discard your waste. How can you change this bad habit, and how can we encourage people to not litter? It’s very important to shape a better future free of waste and pollution. And for the most part, most people are becoming more and more aware of this issue and they are doing what they can to contribute. But humans will remain humans, and most humans would not change their habits until they are properly motivated or incentivized.

What we’ll bring

We will provide raw video footage and map with trash bins position

Problems of interest

What we want you to focus on is the detection of the act of littering and how to correct or prevent it from happening. So, can you find a way? It can be gamification, smarter monitoring,…

3. Mobility of the Future!

Gas is finite. Time is not redeemable. Commuting by yourself is pretty boring. Many people around the world commute every day to work, school, or even to an event. But rarely do people share transportation to that same place, even though they could be living relatively close to each other. Some countries, like the US, use designated carpool lanes in the highways to avoid traffic jams and to encourage commuters to carpool. However, some countries don’t have that culture of carpooling or they simply don’t have the infrastructure for mass transportation. So, fellow hackers, if you’re up for the challenge, please find a new way to move people around and enjoy their journey with others.

What we’ll bring

Insights on smart transportation from Europe, and a few pointers to the data you can use (e.g., KAUST traffic data, schedule, bus position GPS)

Problems of interest

There are already several solutions trying to tackle this issue but what kind of technology can you develop to make moving people around not only the most convenient option but also the most used?


Challenge Data in this Google Drive Folder


Jeff Shamma

Jeff Shamma
Professor in Electrical Engineering, Director of Center of Excellence for NEOM Research, KAUST

Riad Souissi

Riad Souissi
Research Director, Elm Company

Moustafa Moussa

Moustafa Moussa
CEO, Sadeem Technology

Judging Criteria

  • How significant is the problem?
  • How well does the solution solve the proposed problem?
  • How is the level of technical skills involved in the solution?
  • How creative is the solution?
  • How appealing is the user interface?
  • How functional is the prototype?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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